Registered Charity No. 1142778
Registered Charity No. 1142778

Castledon Greyhound Rescue is run by Jodie & Sandra......

Jodie & Sandra with Bella & Bully at a fundraiser

Having worked in racing kennels we quickly realised that there was a great need for more greyhound rescue and rehoming centres after the dogs' racing days were over.

With this in mind, we decided to go about setting up our own greyhound rescue.


Often greyhounds retire from the track at just 2 years of age, due to an injury that stops them reaching full speed on the track.

Some never reach the track because they are either too slow to make the grade or just don't want to chase - Even a dog who has had a full racing career will retire at around 4 years of age.


Sadly, so many greyhounds are discarded after their racing career is finished.

We knew that there was a desperate need for more rehoming centres and we wanted to help this lovely, docile, undemanding breed.

So, with this in mind, Castledon Greyhound Rescue was set up......


We rehomed our first greyhound in 1997 - a lovely little girl called 'Blackie'.

Since then, many, many more greyhounds have left Castledon Greyhound Rescue to follow Blackie's footsteps into loving homes of their own.


Adopting one greyhound won't change the world

but the world will surely change for that one greyhound......

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