Registered Charity No. 1142778
Registered Charity No. 1142778

Billy & Sandy

We are sooo pleased to announce that Billy and Sandy have found a lovely new home TOGETHER!


Billy aged 10 years & Sandy aged 7 years have sadly found themselves needing to find a new home/s
Billy was homed 7 years ago, and Sandy 4 years ago.

Circumstances have changed meaning their elderly owner is struggling to look after them so sadly they need to find a new home.
Billy & Sandy have lived together for 4 years so ideally we would love to find them a new home together, but realistically we realise that this is probably unlikely.
So we would appeal to anyone who feels they could offer either (or both) Billy & Sandy a nice comfortable home, to please get intouch.
They both get on really well with all other dogs but have not been around cats.

They are both fully housetrained & obviously very familiar with a home environment so should slot straight into a new home easily.

As Billy is 10 years old and any new owner would struggle to get affordable insurance for him, Castledon will be happy to pay his future vet bills, should the need arise.


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